Check out some common questions from athletes and sports med providers below. If you have any questions or would like to chat about your best option for success, please fill out the inquiry form. I’m here to help!

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I believe in accessibility regardless of budget. I have provided scholarships in the past, or if you are a college athlete, we can discuss an NIL option. Don’t hesitate to send in a message so we can chat further. 

I’m concerned about cost.  

Nope! If you are returning-to-play, we will discuss your sports nutrition strategy, aim to decrease risk of re-injury, and address any lingering symptoms nutrition may be able to help. It’s never too late to put strategy into strengthening your (insert body part here).

I’m pretty far into my recovery timeline. Is it too late to work with you?

Everyone is welcome. Many of my athletes have tendon/ligament troubles (ACL, Achilles, Tommy John, labrum, etc.) that resulted in surgeries. Many are experiencing bone fractures or stress reactions. I also feel very strongly about nutrition’s role in concussion recovery. Whatever your injury is, nutrition is playing a role in your healing efforts.

What types of injuries do you support?

Yes! If you have a physical activity you love to do that this injury is holding you back from, you’re an athlete in my book. I’ve worked with athletes of all ages.

I’m not an athlete. Am I a good fit?



Yes. I have a subscription option for universities, teams, and clinics to allow access to every resource. If you do not have a dietitian on staff, this will include live support from me as well. Please send an inquiry and include your setting and the number of athletes you typically serve. 

Will you provide resources at a flat rate that I can use with all my athletes?

I do not currently take athletes with active eating disorders. However, there are so many fantastic resources for you. Please reach out so I can point you in the right direction for your athlete’s individual concerns.

I believe my athlete has an eating disorder. Can I send him/her your way?

Yes! You all are the “boots on the ground” and I am passionate about supporting your work. I am happy to connect free of charge.

Will you provide an in-service for us?

Yes! I am happy to discuss a virtual presentation and Q&A that meets your needs. If you are located in Orange County, CA, Boston, MA, or Sarasota, FL, we can also discuss an in-person option.

Will you talk to my athletes?

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