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What about a subtle warning from your coach like, “See ya in a year buddy. Don’t come back fat.” Unfortunately, I’ve actually heard that sentence come out of a coach’s mouth… 

I’m here to change that. My mission is to expand the injury nutrition conversation beyond one-page handouts and body fat percentage.

Raise your hand if you were given a handout of “eat this, not that” after you got hurt.

putting self compassion at the forefront of injury nutrition

you also
need a bit of love & grace.

you also
need a bit of love & grace.

I know you’re already your own harshest critic.
I know this injury gave that critical voice a megaphone.
  • Inability to cook because you can’t stand up
  • Inability to eat because you’re so nauseous from pain meds
  • Body image
  • Fear of weight gain or loss
  • Emotional eating
  • Restrictive eating
  • Stress eating
Body composition testing can be very useful, but ooh baby. We need to talk about so much more than that...

we need the science behind the handouts

I help rehabbers feel more confident in their skin while supporting muscle growth and healing (let’s not forget what all this nutrition is really for). And I leave out the drill sergeant-y “can’t believe you ate that” judgey-ness. 

As a board-certified sports dietitian (CSSD), I have worked with high school, college, pro, and weekend warrior athletes. I also spent a few years with the Texas Rangers. Here, my Tommy John athletes (the elbow injury that sends baseball pitchers into rehab for a long time), sparked the idea for this private practice. Since 2022, I’ve built the Injury RD and contracted with our Men and Women’s National Volleyball Teams.

I’m here to help you make rehab more bearable by prioritizing self-compassion

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  1. Sigh a deep breath of relief and let the weight of 1000 Google searches off your chest. I’m here to pinpoint what you need and show you how to do it.
  2. Get ready to feel heard and walk away from our conversation with an action plan.

  3. Imagine I’m your cool aunt who always has a snack to share and makes you feel loved, valued, and awesome. 

what's it like
to have me as a cheerleader in your ear?


  1. Mandatory body composition testing. Bleh!
  2. Commands without guidance. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a coach tell an athlete to “stop eating that” or “gain 20 pounds” without ANY insight or resources on what to eat instead or how to successfully gain weight. Yeesh.
  3. Overall ass-holery-ness aka poor self-talk
  4. Country music. Give me Shania any day, but some of this newer stuff I hear in the weight room… How are you all lifting to that?!

i'm not so into...

  1. Flavor. Yeah, macros and micronutrients are important, but I highly value the taste of my food, and it’s a huge reason I believe “all foods fit”.
  2. Depth. Our work together is going to involve some deeper conversations that help us determine why you eat the way you eat.
  3. The gray area. We’re going to allow some room for imperfection and grace.
  4. The little things. Give me a Saturday morning in my bright-green kayak named Kiki, followed by a chai latte and I’m a happy, happy girl.

i love...

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let's support your comeback with food confidence.