Resources designed for simplicity. No added stress or 6-hour meal preps. Just simple nutrition solutions.

The info you’re craving, right at your fingertips.


Discover the steps that will help your rehab (beyond just protein and calories), and make a plan with me.

the Injured Athlete Nutrition Essentials

Video Masterclass


This is a free 4-day group that runs every 3 months to help you determine your calorie and macro needs, get individual coaching and advice from me, and build out a meal plan together!  Get access to the first day of resources here, and sign up for a reminder to join the next cohort.

The Menu Challenge


coaching challenge

Everything you need to prepare and recover from the big day. Set yourself up for success with this easy grocery guide, protein ideas, and tips for any post-op speedbumps (hello, constipation).

the post-op survival guide

pdf download


A virtual cookbook with recipes, a portion guide, and plenty of tips and tricks.

The Injured Athlete’s Recipe guide


digital cookbook

A group coaching cohort to help you quiet your inner critic and fuel your rehab.

rewire; injured athlete body image

group coaching






Calling all physical therapists, athletic trainers, strength coaches, dietitians, and overall bad*ss members of the Injured Athlete Support Crew.

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